SKU: a30-001-artis

Σε απόθεμα

The I-CLIP is both lightweight (0,53 oz) and compact (0,59") It can hold up to 12 cards as well as your bills and receipts. The frame and the clip are made out of high tech material called Robutense™ which will keep your cards in pristine condition. With its soft and rounded edges the I-CLIP fits any pocket and is gentle on any fabric you wear. 100% Made in Germany. Genuine high-quality cowhide leather.

• Wooden Cover Design: Inspired by nature, the cover of the I-CLIP Artis is made of a real wood surface, which has been refined with an artistically created laser engraving. The high-quality veneer comes exclusively from sustainable forestry and is completely vegetable. The I-CLIP gets its unique look from the natural growth characteristics and structures of the wood used, which is given the necessary flexibility by laser engraving and creates the unique surface.

Kindly note that the colors that appear on the website may differ or be affected by various factors, such as the browser used or the settings of the monitor. Due to the natural vegetable tanning process of all our products, since no chemicals are used at any level of the production, there is the possibility of slight discoloration with time, use and the sunlight. Each item is handcrafted and undergoes careful quality controls. Small imperfections that depend on the animal's original leather state and the handcrafted production, such as color light variations, scratches on the animal skin etc., are naturally related to tanning: this is not a defect but rather added value.