Man Leather Wallet Chesterfield Alvina C08.040100 / C08.0201A00

Man Leather Wallet Chesterfield Alvina C08.040100 / C08.0201A00

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Man Leather Wallet Chesterfield Alvina C08.040100 / C08.0201A00
Dimensions (LxH) : 12 x 10 cm

The ‘Alvina’ leather wallet has a classic and timeless look. The wallet can be conveniently folded so that you can bring all your cards and money with you. On the inside, you will find 2 sections for your bills while there are also 8 card slots, 2 transparent storage compartments, a zippered storage compartment and a compartment for coins. This wallet uses a unique RFID technique. The lining has a special layer that protects against theft with contactless payment. This way you can be sure that your money is always safe. The Alvina wallet is made of high quality wax leather which is characterized by its soft feeling. Any signs of wear can be easily rubbed away due to the special wax treatment that the wallet has undergone and if maintained properly your wallet will only become more beautiful over time.

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