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  • I-CLIP - Heritage Steel Blasted RADIO IMPACT Apple AirTag, Urban Grey
    The New Heritage Radio Impact model range is particularly impressive due to the feel of the robust and durable stainless steel frame. Technology meets finest leather. The I-CLIP Radio Impact is tailored to fit the Apple AirTag * perfectly. [The Apple AirTag * is not included in the scope of delivery!] EASY TO USE: Say goodbye to bulky and uncomfortable wallets. Thanks to the I-CLIP, simplicity has now become the new benchmark. A CLEAR OVERVIEW & FAST CARD SELECTION: A unique feature is the resistance-free and card-protecting thumb-slide function for up to 12 cards. ORGANIZED ACCESS TO BANKNOTES: The revolutionary high-tech clip keeps your banknotes safe and secure so you can always access them quickly and easily. LEATHER COVER DESIGN: What really sets this leather cover apart from the rest is its unique laser cut and the slide-in compartment which is sewn in by hand. That ensures a stable and secure connection between the Apple AirTag * and the I-CLIP. [The Apple AirTag * is not included in the scope of delivery!] UNIQUE PATINA: A special characteristic of the I-CLIP Soft Touch models is that their leather appears slightly matt and velvety when brand-new, but, with time and use, each wallet develops its own particularly noble, shiny and individual patina. ULTRA-LIGHT & MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Experience your own absolute lightness of being every day. The combination of the high-tech steel frame and its integrated money clip make it a wallet like no other: Small, light, adaptable and comfortable to carry. PERFECT AS A GIFT: Each credit card-holding wallet is delivered in a matching gift box. OPTIONAL RFID PROTECTION: If you deem it necessary, you can protect your credit cards from unauthorized contactless payment by ordering an RFID blocker card set from I-CLIP. However, you can also do without this function as the probability of the so-called "skimming" criminality is very low in general.Technical Data Cover made of vegetable tanned cowhide Frame and money clip made of high-tech plastic (Robutense) Card case holds up to 12 cards Money clip holds a variety of bills and receipts. The cover of the I-CLIP closes with a push button. Wallet dimension: 8.8 x 6.5 x 1.6 cm Frame material: Steel Frame finish: Silver Cover colour: Urban Grey Cover design: Radio Impact
    The dark side of Titanium. Breathtaking and mysterious at the same time, these I-CLIPs fly under the radar. This is your invitation to enter the tantalizing world of titanium.In our I-CLIP Heritage Titanium Dark, the titanium remains dark and untreated. This gives it an almost magical aura that captivates the observer. All frames in our Heritage Titanium series are made of titanium, an ultra-light, corrosion-resistant and high-strength material. Its outstanding properties are used above all in aerospace and racing technologies. The genuine leather cover bears the cut-out lettering "Titanium" and truly embodies the lightness and strength of the material titanium.The I-CLIP is both lightweight (0,53 oz) and compact (0,59") It can hold up to 12 cards as well as your bills and receipts. The frame and the clip are made out of high tech material called Robutense™ which will keep your cards in pristine condition. With its soft and rounded edges the I-CLIP fits any pocket and is gentle on any fabric you wear. 100% Made in Germany. Genuine high-quality cowhide leather.